• English Medium, Senior Secondary, Co-educational CBSE Affiliated School
  • CBSE Affiliation Code :  1030159 | DISE Code : 23320305704
  • Standards : I to XII | Strength : 2400 plus students
  • Email : bal_bhawan@yahoo.co.in, principal.balbhawan@ gmail.com
  • Contact : Office : +91-755- 2661261, +91-755- 2661052
About Bal Bhavan

Our School Motto - Knowledge Ennobles Character Endures


CBSE Affiliation Code :  1030159                                              DISE Code : 23320305704

                                   Contact : 0755- 2661261                                                              

Email : bal_bhawan@yahoo.co.in                                              principal.balbhawan@ gmail.com

Complete School Information as per CBSE Guidelines.

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Every moment we learn something new, we gain new experiences which help to equip us to face the world better. We learn to probe the mysteries of the universe, collect data of different phenomena. We learn to interact better with our fellow human beings. This helps to build up a vast store house of knowledge which uplifts us.
We learn to respect the true values of life. We learn to be noble, just, truthful, honest, courteous and soft spoken.

This in turn helps to mould our character firm as a rock which alone endures the test of time. bal bhawan is affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi (CBSE). bal bhawan School aims at adopting an integral approach towards physical, educational, emotional and psychological development of the young and in order to accomplish this we make every effort to:-

  1. Develop the personality of the child.
  2. Employ methods of teaching, developing independence of thought and initiative in action.
  3. Create maximum personal contact between pupil and teacher.
  4. Encourage them continually to strive for excellence in every field.
  5. Encourage Parent Teacher contact for mutual benefit.


  • Visits and Outings : These are arranged as per the planned schedule

  • Events and Celebrations: We celebrate all important national events as per the schedule

  • Community Services: The school extends its support for the community’s concern to give students a true sense of fulfillment.

  • Publication: The school encourages students creative and literary pursuit through the newsletter (twice a year) and an Annual School Magazine.

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