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Training & Workshops

Oxford University Press conducted a workshop on Mathematics at DPS School on 21 December, 2017. The workshop was attended by the primary and middle school teachers of several schools . Mrs. Ashalata Badami, with more than 20 years experience in the field of elementary Maths education was our resource person. The workshop aimed at helping teachers understand and facilitate students to appreciate the usefulness and applicability of Mathematics in real- life situations.

Mrs. Badami began the workshop by asking the teachers to recall the stages or the sequence involved in teaching any concept. She emphasized the method, ELPS (E- experience with concrete objects, L- language, P- picture, S-symbol) for concept-building.

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Parent Orientation :
An orientation programme for the parents of grade 1(sections A,B,C) students was conducted today at West Wind . The parents were informed about the rules, regulations, teaching methodologies being  followed in school and many effective reading strategies that can be adopted at home to make the children fluent readers. We would like to thank our enthusiastic parents who participated wholeheartedly in the discussions and made the day a  successful interactive learning session.
Parent Orientation 1.jpg

Mr Surya, a renowned corporate trainer conducted the workshop on Effective Teaching for bal bhawan school Management & Teachers on 15th June 2017.


Workshop(Oxford) for the teachers of S.St subject,was conducted on 17th June... the resource person Ms Rupa Sharma shared many ideas for effective teaching of Social Science...




Effective language teaching through fun and games
An ELT workshop , conducted by our distinguished resource person Mrs Anita Verma, was organised for the teachers of the Primary Wing..Mrs Verma discussed many interesting strategies, teaching aids and language games , that can be played with the children, for enhancing vocabulary and strengthening  language skills,besides social skills,creative  and critical thinking skills.

21st Century School Leaders - workshop at bal bhawan School.

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Wonder World of Senses : Children of grade II, used biscuits of different variety and taste to conduct an activity, using their five sense organs. This activity helped them experience and understand that their five senses work together, to allow their body to function properly and explore the world around them. Students learned that their nose,skin,tongue,eye and ears take in all the different information around them. They also put down their observations in their notebooks.The sense of achievement on the students' part is quite evident.

Grade II Workshop on senses 1.jpg
Grade II Workshop on senses 2.jpg


Teachers honing their English language teaching skills in an enriching workshop conducted by our resource person,Mrs Mala Palani .The workshop focused on practical application of principles of teaching English as a first language.Our enthusiastic, dedicated teachers participated in LSRW activities, discussed the latest teaching strategies, sharing suggestions and solutions.

Workshop - English Language Teaching 1.jpg

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Workshop - English Language Teaching 4.jpg

Workshop - English Language Teaching 4.jpg

Teacher's training Workshop on phonetics,reading and speaking skills conducted by Ms.Vishakha Deshpande on 21st March 2017.




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