• English Medium, Senior Secondary, Co-educational CBSE Affiliated School
  • CBSE Affiliation Code :  1030159 | DISE Code : 23320305704
  • Standards : I to XII | Strength : 2400 plus students
  • Email : bal_bhawan@yahoo.co.in, principal.balbhawan@ gmail.com
  • Contact : Office : +91-755- 2661261, +91-755- 2661052
Teaching Methodology


We follow a child centric, experiential curriculum programme in order to enable our students to learn with understanding and grow to their fullest potential.

Along with concepts, we stress upon the development of skills (Math, LSRW, Social Skills). This has resulted in significantly higher, more stable learning amongst our students as, we strive to later to the needs of children with different learning styles. Their efforts are recognised and appreciated. Thus, learning is meaningful and fun.

Life education forms an integral part of our effective pedagogical practices. Our teaching focuses on learning as an integration, so that the students can relate it to real life and apply it in real life situations as well. The pair activities and  group activities enable our children to analyse problems, form their own opinions, which in turn develops their thinking skills, creative skills and problem solving confidence.

The needs of 21st Century are dynamic and complex. Hence, to enable our enthusiastic, committed and diligent team of teachers, to meet these challenges, we also have regular workshops and orientation programmes. These measures have helped our teachers to become aware and skilled, and make our teaching resourceful, inventive and productive.

The hands-on tasks have enabled our students to learn real-life collaborative skills, leadership skills, as well as, how to apply critical thinking. Our students have started to discover their own skills, aptitudes and passions. The self- initiative and self-assessment has also empowered them to become more confident learners.

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