Bal Bhawan School Bhopal

From The Principal’s Desk

Dr. Rajesh Sharma

Bal Bhawan School is a journey of self- discovery for a child as he/ she grows to young adult. School strives towards equipping the students to excel in academics and to be savvy in the use of technology. Playing an important role of a facilitator, the school encourages learners to set the pace of learning by discovering their interests, their talents and aptitudes, to learn to form their opinions and role in society. In the true spirit of the school's motto “Knowledge Ennobles Character Endures" efforts are made to imbibe universal values and integrate international dimension into the school curriculum and facilitate greater avenues of knowledge. If leadership is the ability to make decisions and to find solutions for the larger good, Bal Bhawan School imbibes it on the sports field, by conducting co-curricular activities and by participating in the variety of international activities.

Interpersonal relationships and communication are critical to both the teaching- learning process and the social development of students. Vast experience of school principal as a Psychologist, Counselor and Master trainer provides learners direct educational behavioral and mental support that facilitate students with achievements and guide them to develop socially.

Components of the school's International policy:

  • Holistic development of the students focusing on scholastic and co-scholastic areas of education.
  • To provide a platform to achieve the school Motto and encourage experimental learning.
  • Endeavour to integrate universal values and international dimensions into the school curriculum and facilitate greater
  • avenues of knowledge and learning.
  • Foster appreciation of diverse Global culture and promote efforts to preserve the world we live in.
  • Create awareness of the Global concerns and collective responsibility to combat them and to preserve the rich biodiversity.
  • To envision a vibrant community of compassionate learners and thinkers for whom excellence is a credo.
  • Encourage a spirit of tolerance and peaceful co-existence amongst students.
  • Promote greater interaction through students- teacher exchange programs and teachers- parents exchange programs to make learning more dynamic.
  • Facilities a scientific temperament amongst students along with provision of greater vistas for communicating with people from different backgrounds and different cultures.
  • co-ordinate talks and interaction with the students of other countries.