• A calendar months’ notice to be given before the withdrawal of a pupil; or the fee will be charged instead of the notice. Such notices should be given in writing by the parent or the guardian.
  • A school leaving certificate is issued free of charge. A fee of Rs. 200/- will be charged for a duplicate. It will take 10 days for issuing.
  • Caution money (interest-free) is to be deposit by every pupil at the time of admission. Caution money is refundable only at the time of withdrawal or on passing the class XII exam.
  • No Transfer Certificate is issued until all the dues have been paid fully. Such a certificate will be given only during office hours,, and three days after the application has been submitted.
  • Caution money should be claimed within 1 year of withdrawal from the School after which it will be regarded as having been lapsed.
  • In case of withdrawals, parents withdrawing their wards by the 31st March (end of academic session) shall not be charged the annual charges or yearly dues. (However, students being withdrawn from the School after 31st March of the current academic year, will be charged the annual charges)

Application formate for transfer certificate

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